Eugene Roshal Hello folks, my name is Eugene Roshal and I am a software engineer known as developer of FAR file manager (1996 - 2000), RAR file format (since 1993), WinRAR file archiver. I was born in Chelyabinsk, USSR on 10th of March 1972. Graduated South Ural State university (former Chelyabinsk Technical University). Now I earn my money as a computer programmer and a consultant.

Till recently the rar compression algorithm was owned by my elder brother Alexander.
In the year 2011 I decided to give all the mankind a gift: simple yet powerful easy to use tool for packing digital data and transfering through computer networks with ease.

I do not want to waste your time any more - grab the soft and use it with pleasure ;)

If you are a computer user with intermediate or upper-intermediate skills - just download what you need from freefiles folder. I hope you know how to use it.

If you need some tip - here you are:

freefiles/winrar32/ directory contains a multivolume .rar archive set - just extract it (extract in a folder named WinRAR) by using any tool that can uncompress rar files. Place WinRAR folder in C:\Program Files and you are ready to use WinRAR version 3.93. If you want you can place shortcuts to WinRAR.exe on your Desktop or anywhere else. This is the 32bit version of the program.

freefiles/winrar64/ directory contains
a multivolume .rar archive set, but this is the 64bit version - for Windows 7 x64.

Like Michael Dell I use Linux (Ubuntu Linux). I already (Feb 2011) have a robust mobile workstation Dell Precision M4500. After some tuning I am happy to use 'Lucid Lynx'.
For my compression needs I use ....... of course my own rar tool. And guess what - it started as a joke, game when I got in touch with one polish programmer. After some time he gave me pretty funny crack I coldn't believe will work on my machine. I used it  just to prove that it is a piece of art. It's just about 11 kilobytes programming code, but very efficient.

In freefiles/rar32linux/ you will find WinRAR v3.80 x86 and resorces to install rar for linux 3.93. Just unpack and read how to setup the program to work for you. On Ubuntu 10.04 it works excellent :)

That's all folks ! 

don't worry  -  be happy

PS -

Some examples with console rar for linux v3.93 (under Ubuntu Linux 10.04 for instance)

If you have a file 'foobar.doc' in /home/jack/Desktop folder than to compress it with rar you have to issue commands:

cd /home/jack/Desktop

rar a -s -m5 -v2m -vn -hppassword13 probe ./foobar.doc

a: add files to archive
-s: make a solid archive
-m5: use maximum compression
-v2m: after compressing the target file if the output is big then split it into pieces with maximal volume of each piece not exceeding 2 megabytes
-vn: use old-style extensions (the multi-volume archive will be like this: probe.r00, probe.r01, ... , probe.rar)
-hp: use a password to lock the archive and even to hide the content. in this example the password phrase is 'password13'
The name 'probe' is the name of the archive being created.

If you want to add to the archive all the files and folders in ~/Desktop than the command should be

rar a -s -m5 -v2m -vn -hppassword13 probe ./*

Later if you want to extract the content of the archive in a folder than issue the command
rar e probe.rar (if you previously placed all the archive set in the folder of your choice). If when you created the archive you didn't use the switch -vn then to extract the archive the command should be
rar e probe.part1.rar
but in that case all the files in the archive will be extracted in the folder in which you placed the archive set without preserving the hierarchy.
If you want after extraction from the archive all the content to preserve the full path of the files then just replace 'e' with 'x'
rar x probe.part1.rar

March 2011

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